Julia Krüger
Julia Krüger

Having a background in political sciences and sociology combined with public law, economics, psychology, and education (University of Potsdam/ King’s College London: Diplom Politikwissenschaft),  I am working on issues of national and international internet policy today. This includes:

  • the history of national and international networking policy,
  • its challenge of societal norms, regulations, and structures,
  • policy analysis: actors, issues, and trends, and
  • policy learning: better and worst practices.

I give special attention to singular issues like content regulation/ manipulation, consumer/ data protection or the use of digital tools for special purposes, e.g. migration and integration.

I am happy to cooperate as a fellow with the Center of Internet and Human Rights (CIHR), European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/ Oder.

Next to research I do:

  • project development and management
  • talks, teaching, and workshops
  • counseling and advice

Former employers include: Berlin Social Science Center (WZB, Project Group: The Internet Policy Field), Association Self-Regulation Information Economy (SRIW), Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS), Institute of European Politics (IEP), and the University of Potsdam (Chair of International Politics).

Currently, I work independently on various projects, especially in cooperation with netzpolitik.org. In case of questions or requests please contact: research@juliakrueger.org (preferably encrypted).

Recent insights and considerations can be followed on Twitter: @phaenomen.